Our weekend services are designed to be powerful and inspiring. Our music is upbeat and engaging. Our messages are Biblical, relevant and sometimes very entertaining. We talk about the real things you face every day and seek to connect God’s wisdom and Word to your life. We also believe that church should be one of the most enjoyable experiences you have during the week, so feel free to laugh and have fun! 

 Youth Ministry


The mission of our church is to bring awareness about God’s existence to people of all ages and encourage them to learn their own faith.



Learn more about our Missionaries, Brian and Janine Weaver.



Crosswalk Kids Ministry exists to partner with parents as we guide children in their spiritual walk. The aim of our ministry is Christ centered. We desire to lead children into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to equip the child to grow and walk in that relationship.





--- Associate Pastor

Robbie serves as Associate Pastor at Crossroads Community Church. He and his wife Angela have been in full-time ministry for 10 years and are graduates from Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. Robbie was born and raised in Utah and in 1996 had a radical encounter with Jesus. Their mission is to Embrace, Equip and Empower people to walk in the fullness of the gospel and reach their city for Jesus!


---Upcoming Events


The Church: Where We Learn to Love

 Sunday, Dec 1 2017, @ 8:00am
Wednesday, Dec 4 2017, @5pm
 Public School 12 Kennedy St.
New York, United States



6 Ways God blessed a broken heart

 Monday, Dec 1 2017, @ 8:00am
Monday, Dec 1 2017, @5pm
 Local Church 233 Main St.
New York, United States



The Deep Meaning of Church

 Monday, Dec 1 2017, @ 8:00am
Monday, Dec 1 2017, @5pm
 Public School 12 Kennedy St.
New York, United States



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What Happened to the Fear of the Lord? 

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