Core Values


Spiritual Truth

Today’s society seems to be living more than ever like there are no absolutes in life, meaning the overriding message is, “If it feels good, do it.” We believe that God has given us absolute truth and that He has outlined this truth in scripture. We will do our best to live out that truth in our daily lives and communicate it in creative and loving ways.


Because we believe we are undertaking the most important work that can be done, telling people that God loves them and has a plan for their life, we will strive to do so with a spirit of excellence. We want to do our best to live out the words of Colossians 3:23, which says; “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”


Welcoming people who come to our doors with love and acceptance is a big priority to us. The Bible says, “God is love”, so when someone takes time to come and worship with us we will do our best to make them feel loved and appreciated.


Strong Kids Ministry

In a culture where our kids are bombarded with all kinds of negative influences, we will make it a priority to teach them Godly principles like; Kindness, forgiveness, loving others, treating others with respect and much more. We will do this every week in creative ways that will keep them engaged and wanting to come back!


Passionate Worship

We believe that everyone is a worshiper, every single one of us is worshipping something! The object of our worship receives our passion, money, time, attention, and our praise. Whether it’s sports, money, fame, people, possessions or Jesus Christ, everyone is lavishing their worship on something or someone; however, the ultimate reality is that God alone is worthy of our worship. Worship is more than just “singing”, it is the way we live our life every day and what we devote our time and resources to. We want the awe and love we have for God to overflow passionately in the songs we sing and we want to use our God-given talents and resources to bless the Church and spread a passion for Jesus Christ. We want to LIVE lives of worship everyday.


We believe that the Bible shows that relationship is important. First, we believe that God desires relationship with every person who desires to know Him. He knows you and He wants you to know Him more! That’s relationship with God and that’s what we want you to experience. We also believe that relationship with one another is important. We believe that God does not want a “congregation”, but a community of faith that genuinely cares for and serves one another.


We believe that if you look at creation you can see the creativity of our Heavenly Father. Because of this, we don’t believe that church should be dry, dead, stale or stuffy. It is our desire to be creative with our music, communication of Biblical truth, outreach to the community and relationship with one another. Nothing about our God is boring so why should our church life be?

Intentional Outreach

We believe that Jesus modeled for us a life that was given to the service of others. We believe that we are to follow His example so we desire to be proactive in finding ways to reach beyond the walls of our church and serve the community around us. We will put forth the effort to find creative ways to help meet people’s needs and bring hope and healing to their lives.

Leadership Reproduction

Our church has a pastor and leadership team to guide, direct and serve our church family. However, we do not believe that the pastor and leaders are the only ones that should be involved in serving the Church. The Bible says that every person that is a part of God’s family has gifts and talents that God has given them to help make the Church stronger and healthier. Our desire is to see everyone’s God-given gifts developed and put to use so that we can be as strong and healthy as possible and so each individual can experience the fulfillment that comes when their gifts are being used.