2021 Sermons

Righteous Rebellion | Part 1

By July 4, 2021September 9th, 2022No Comments

We are not talking about political principles, we are talking about Biblical principles. 

What makes rebellion righteous?

Rebelling when the governing authority forbids you to do something that God commands.

There are times throughout history where Christians are labeled as enemies of the state, they are seen as rebels, and they are told to bow down to worldly standards and give up their biblical standards, to stop preaching the name of Jesus, to turn away from the gospel message of repentance and putting ones faith in Jesus.

It is in these moments where it is the duty of every Christ-follower to rebel against such demands and take a stand in righteousness.  

But often there is a counter argument that says no, Christians are obedient in all things to all things. And more often than not the first scripture to be quoted is Romans 13.