2021 Sermons

The Sanctity of Life | Part 4

By March 28, 2021September 9th, 2022No Comments

Our goal when discussing the sanctity of life and addressing the topic of abortion is to not only bring awareness to the issue at hand, give biblical perspective on the matter but it’s also to see redemption come to the lives of those that have made the decision to have an abortion and see healing come to your life.

Nowhere in scripture is there a basis that says “well, it’s their choice.” Nowhere in scripture are there people that go through an abortion and it’s permissible.

So we talked about our worldview, our outlook on life, where morality/right and wrong comes from. 

We’ve discussed a little bit about the fact that being a Christian means that we value all life and view life as precious and sacred. 

Please join us as Pastor Donnie closes out our series on The Sanctity of Life.